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TDA plans just make sense: comprehensive benefits at reasonable prices. Making the switch to TDA is the smart choice in dental insurance.

You've got better things to do than worry about unpaid claims that your insurance provider should have taken care of.

With TDA your claims get paid on time, every time. Our payment of claims is both predictable and dependable, the way dental insurance should be.


The Total Dental Administrators Health Plan (TDAHP) A800R plan is a comprehensive Prepaid/DHMO plan that has contracted with established private practice dentists in Arizona to provide convenient, affordable, quality dental care to its members. 

The plan is available to any resident of Arizona, regardless of age, and the policy may be issued to a child as the contract holder.

Enrolled members are responsible for paying only the copayment amount associated with the covered service received from a contracted General Dentist.  If the services of a TDAHP contracted dental Specialist (Endodontist, Periodontist, Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist, or Pedodontist) are utilized, the member will receive the discounted rate filed with TDAHP (i.e., the TDA PPO negotiated, discounted rate) which is approximately 30%-50% off the dental specialist's normal fees.


  • No annual or lifetime benefit maximum
  • No per appointment office visit copayment
  • No waiting periods for covered services
  • Pre-existing conditions covered (except procedures in progress)
  • Adult and child orthodontia coverage
  • Fixed benefit copayments
  • Fixed lab fee copayments
  • Annual premiums payable monthly

This is only brief and general information about the plan.  Contact Wirick Insurance LLC for a copy of the Schedule of Benefits and Copays and a complete listing of covered services, limitations, exclusions, and rates.



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